Oil pressure switches

Oil pressure switches in many designs and for different pressure ranges are used to monitor the oil pressure in internal combustion engines.
FEP offers decades of experience in development and series production in this field. Optional diagnostic capability of our oil pressure switches is a unique selling point and enables the detection of fault conditions such as line breakage or short circuits in the supply lines.

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Body temperature sensors

Media temperature sensors

Temperature sensors are used to measure media temperatures or body temperatures at various points in the vehicle. These sensors can be either individual sensors or integrated in other components or sensors (see e.g. current sensors).

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Current sensors

The measurement of currents in the power train is essential, e.g. for monitoring and controlling the drive power. We offer current sensors in different versions, with one or more current paths and with or without integrated temperature measurement.

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Oil pressure sensors

Oil pressure sensors provide a curve of the oil pressure and can thus be used to dynamically adapt engine parameters to driving situations in order to save fuel and optimize performance.

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Special switches

Our product range also includes various individual switches, e.g. for the operation of individual functions by the driver or operator of a vehicle or machine, as well as switches for detecting end positions, closing states, cam positions or other mechanical states in the vehicle.

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