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In accordance with IATF 16949, we have established a multi-stage product development process at our premises. From project definition to series production, a development project goes through several phases. This takes into account the specifications of the automotive industry, which aim to ensure the required level of maturity in each development phase before the next phase begins. The entire project is managed by our in-house project management team, which is responsible for planning the tasks of all parties involved, both internally and externally, and for controlling the activities. To check the maturity level, the project manager uses a project checklist to document the completion of the work packages in accordance with the requirements. The risks identified in the process and the project status are then presented by him internally during release stage meetings, after which the respective phase is released.

The project status and the work results of the team are reported to the client at regular meetings, thus creating maximum transparency on all sides. This results in optimal solutions in close cooperation with the customer, from the creative brainstorming to the high-quality component in production, including the necessary production equipment.


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