FEP has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of switches for use in passenger cars and trucks as well as for construction equipment and agriculture machines.

Sensors and Switches

Power distribution & Protection

Plug Connecters

Battery components & struture elements


The answers to future trends such as electromobility and sustainability are reflected in our product range. This ranges from electrical connectors, sensors and switches to solutions for power distribution and protection of the vehicle electrical system to battery components and structural elements.

Whether as a contact housing or as an auxiliary unit- Interface with High Volt (HV)/Low Volt (LV) Systems and their direct connection to the printed circuit board – in the range of connectors there is a solution for every existing as well as upcoming challenge.

The sensors and switches product area provides the highest diversification from oil pressure switches to sensors for temperature, current or oil pressure, water, fuel and air. There are no limits to the combination possibilities thanks to the modular principle in the switch area and fast action is guaranteed.

Depending on the application, the sensor range includes the media temperature sensor or solid-state temperature sensor – also in combination with the current sensor. Oil pressure sensors can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements and meet all automotive requirements.

The protection of the on-board network in the electric vehicles also includes current sensors as well as fuse and relay boxes according to customer requirements. Within the installation space includes load and potential distributors, shunts, power rails and contact bridges as well as connection elements.

The constantly expanding scope of supply for battery components currently includes power rails, vehicle electrical system interfaces, cell module connectors and charging technology. New individual solutions to the questions of tomorrow are always found, according to the needs of our customers and partners, within the possibilities in the installation space.


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