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At FEP, responsibility is of great importance and has a long-standing tradition. As a company of the Amphenol Corporation, FEP implements the provisions set forth in the Code of Conduct concerning our social responsibility. Amongst others, these provisions comprise the protection of the environment, social commitment, ethical behaviour and sustainable improvements of the value chain. FEP will continue to fulfil its responsibility, thus contributing to the company's sustained success.

As a supplier to the automotive industry, FEP is facing high demands regarding profitability, quality and technical progress. Moreover, FEP always works towards the goal of sustainable further development. To this aim, the business principles were integrated in management systems and are systematically applied. FEP is working based on a comprehensive approach and is committed to focus on the issues of quality, environment and energy. To achieve this, we utilise the full potential of our management systems in order to induce changes and optimisation. We especially target a process of ongoing improvements.

FEP realises the highest quality demands - from initial sampling of parts up to series maturity and in everyday production processes. The aim is zero-error production. Through their own audits, many customers have repeatedly confirmed FEP as a quality-oriented supplier.

Another focus of our activities is on the considerate use of natural resources. In our environment and energy standards we pay great attention to sustainable management.

In order to meet the increased requirements regarding customs and safety processes, FEP already has obtained the status of "Authorised Economic Operator" (AEOF). For our global customer and supply relationships this status is of great importance. As a company awarded this status, FEP is valued as an especially responsible and trustworthy corporation and benefits from special customs arrangements. Thus, FEP is part of the customs authorities' effective risk management that is becoming increasingly important in view of the alteration of the global security situation. In this context, the issue of "compliance" in export control is also of key importance.




TÜV-Zertifikat ISO 9001

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

TÜV-Zertifikat IATF 16949

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